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Tea, scones and glass eye.

After the visit to Puerto Madryn our spirits could only be lifted. Upon entering Gaiman we noticed the change immediately. A green, charismatic, and flavoursome town. Established by Welsh settlers with cooperation from the native Indians in the area at the time this town was brought to life in 1874. It´s home to many tea houses, decent restaurants, museums telling you of the towns Welsh heritage, mosquitos and Lukes second nut scare. It´s not quite PG tips in the tea houses but it is definately the best tea we´ve had so far. The hostel we stayed in was very quiet and out of the way. Turning out to be more like a hotel we didn´t really get the socialising vibe we have become accustomed to whilst staying in hostels. Strange classical music playing in the morning while we are the only ones there having our breakfast, The Shining instantly comes to mind. Our friendly yet freaky hotel owner likes to pat shoulders. I never noticed the eye, but I have been told it was strange. We stayed for two nights in Gaiman before returning to Trelew for a bus to take myself and Luke to El Calafate via San Julian. In Trelew we parted ways with Beatrice as she had to return home for work. It was sad to say goodbye as we had all shared some good times in the time we travelled together but such is life, we are sure we will all meet again some day. Bring on El Calafate in which we have friends met previously on the road awaiting round 2.


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Puerto Madryn

Arid lands con defecation

A shame to leave the Santa Rosa de Calamuchita. The simple pleasures are preserved and cherished when spending time in such beautiful scenery. Pero, we had to make a move. Onto Puerto Madryn via a connection in Rio Cuarto. In Rio Cuarto we drag with us Beatrice. The Uruguayan graphic designer whom we met in Cordoba. She will accompany us to Puerto Madryn, Trelew and Gaiman after then parting ways in Trelew to return to Uruguay as we head south to El Calafate. Our hopes for Puerto Madryn, a beautiful small fishing town on the mid south eastern crust of Argentina. Loosing mind in thought over the abyss of water drowning our heads with dreams of Africa. These words were Beatrices´diet during the long bus journey south, only to be flattened during the approach. Puerto Madryn the grey jungle. The urban forest. Concrete slabs covered in graffiti replace beautifully terraced houses we previously imagined. Bollocks.

The one attraction of this town is Peninsula Valdes. A home to Elephant Seal, Sea lions, Snakes, Spiders of every kind. Also home to the predator of the ocean, the Orca whale. Three hour bus journey with a multi lingual tour guide into the park. Eight hours of tour continue through he park with different stops and view points. No elephant seal, no snakes, no spiders and no Orca whales. The magnificent sight of what could only be described as a Dog, Cat, Squirrel, Fox thing defecating in the middle of the car park in the third view point. The most memorable part. The next day, tickets booked for Gaiman via Trelew. Hostel bill settled. Goodbye. Sorry Beatrice for telling you it would be worth joining us rather than continuing with your plans to Rosario (a lot closer to Uruguay).

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La Cumbrecita

Mountains, Waterfalls, Condors and Santa Rita.

Soon into our stay in Santa Rosa de Calamuchita just south of Cordoba by two hours, we visited La Cumbrecita. Known for it's hiking and sight seeing opportunities, the rumours enticed us. The pictures we took do not really do it much justice, you just have to visit it for yourself. But DO NOT eat a sandwich there if you have pale skin and red hair as they tend to mug you off a little...




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Lack of memory and few photos. But a great time!


Leaving Buenos Aires late Friday night we arrived in Cordoba early Saturday morning. Our first experience from a friendly, yet, COMPLETELY loco cab driver to Hostel Tango ( http://www.hostelworld.com/hosteldetails.php/Tango-Hostel/Cordoba/5353?source=googleadwordshostelsbyname&kid=314846&aid=2&gclid=CO_88Pqcy64CFUhl7AodfzmYzQ). How he managed to squeeze a car through a gap smaller than the car is beyond me. But he got us there, and quickly. We also met some really nice guys there. Alex, Eddie, Sean and Canada, Switzerland, Chile 1, Chile 2, Buenos Aires 1 and 2, Beatrice, and more. The tool of using people home countries instead of their names is prooving useful as to remember everyones name that you meet is near impossible. Luke, Switzerland, Beatrice and I took a look at a local art museum and saw the markets for a day. Eating MORE pizza in a low lighted Reggae bar then finishing the day with a meal in a Tango restaurant. The Tango dance performed by other customers is beautifully smooth to say the least. With quick bursts of movement and passion only to relax again to a smooth defined pace. Our first clubbing experience in Cordoba led to my bank card vanishing along with my favourite shirt and some pesos. But I did find out how to say ''You're the bomb'' which makes things a little more balanced. In Argentina the siesta is very important. When we realised that we were pre drinking before the club at 6pm, but some of the clubs don't even open untill 1am we thought we may be acting a little eager. Especially that in the end we did not return to the Hostel untill at least 7am, when the club was slowly kicking out. But even so, what a cracking night!



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Buenos Aires

The time well spent..


The first few days in the hostel Puerto Limon (http://puertolimonhostel.com/html/) were well spent breaking the ice with the helping hand of Cerbezas, pineapples, Marlboros y pizza. We met some good people there. Serbian Spacecake, Paddy, Marchie, Marco, Adison, Emmison, Francois, Mariarna y Rapheal. Some funny memorys were made. The hot Argentinian sun seeping through the gaps in the branches overhanging the patio. Buenos Aires never sleeps, it's a city with an amazing character but remember to never, ever flush the paper down the toilet...


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A little more patience..

Four hours to go...

I'm knackered. Luke is ecstatic. We look like fresh meat.


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Four days to go...

Four years ago Luke and I we're sitting at the local trickling beer to the gut. As always it was a quiet one. The travels in 52 following Alberto Granado and Ernesto Guevara still fresh in our minds after watching a film named the Motorcycle Diaries.

''Why don't we hit up South America after you return from Uni?''
''Sure, why not?''

Such simplicity seems a lost dream now we're living the days of sorting out bank accounts, hostel reservations, vaccinations and watching the pennies roll down the drain as our wallets become thin and packs become thick. We now await the twenty two hour bus rides, the sunsets over the Andes, the laughs and cervezas being tossed between friends, the tears, the arguments and especially the smiles. We have been patient.

Thank you to everyone who has helped us out with tips, tricks and tick pickers! Thank you to those who have inspired us. Thank you to the people who told us it wouldn't happen. Because it is, so to you I flick the finger :-)

The sun of Southend will be patient now until we meet it's gaze again. Whenever that'll be.. It's time to leave :-)


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